Uncover your ears from wax plugs

Thanks to these means of social networks, today you will be able to know how to unclog the ears in the correct way and without damaging the eardrum. since the ear can one of the weakest parts, this can have remains of hair and secretions of fats.

However, our ears can trap many bacteria and this can cause serious infections in our ears. That is why it is very important to read this post, because later we will leave you a tip on how to clean your ears.

Therefore when the wax plug, can generate severe headaches, dizziness, earache and temporary loss of hearing. Many of the people when inserting a swab or pointed object, push the wax inward, forming a stopper.

Next we are going to leave some remedies to be able to clean the ears of the correct form and to undo of the plugs.



Mustard oil:

This is a powerful method to unclog our ears and soften the wax. To do this, warm the mustard oil a little, being careful not to overheat it so as not to burn ourselves. Next, we put several drops in the ear and let it rest for 5 minutes. Finally, we clean with a cotton ball. We will do this process with both ears.

Baby oil:

We can use this oil in the same way as the previous method, only that we should not heat it. We put several drops in the ear and let it rest for 10 or 15 minutes. Finally, we clean the ears very carefully.

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With the help of a dropper, dissolve 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in 3 drops of mineral water. Then you put several drops of this substance in your ears and let them rest. Finally, carefully clean your ears with cotton.


Garlic can also help us clean the ear and keep it free of bacteria. We only have to chop the garlic and put it to sauté in coconut oil. After a few minutes, we remove the pieces of garlic, let the oil cool and soak a cotton ball with it. We will pour this oil on the ears to soften the wax. Afterwards, we rinse the ear with warm water and dry with a soft towel.

Vinegar and alcohol:

Mix the same amount of vinegar and alcohol in a cup and pour the mixture into your ear. Stay with the ear hole up for several minutes. Then, turn your head so that all the liquid comes out and clean and rinse carefully with a headset.


Warm a cup of water and add a tablespoon of salt. With this substance we will follow the same procedure as with vinegar and alcohol.


Your problems arise, consult a medical specialist as soon as possible. When you clean your ears, do it very carefully and gently. Moisten your ears samples take the shower.

What you should avoidđ:

Avoid very frequent cleaning of the ears. Do not use pointed objects to extract the wax. Try not to spray your ear with foreign substances.


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Uncover your ears from wax plugs